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Trying to be back again !

What with the onset of FB ,everyone's updating status-es Left/Right/Centre.

This Blog was as good as dead,but somehow I cant seem to let go of the wonderful posts I have made/read on it & the numerous people I Have come to know thru' it.
My 2 left feet have begun to turn RIGHT ..teee heeeheee

Phir mile Sur mera tumhara

Did you get to see the New 'Mile Sur mera tumhara' on 26-Jan ??

Here  is a fab take on it :D

Nice read

Wats with these stores/malls not havin sizes for tending-to-plus size people?

Loved 2 tops at different places : one was a size too big & other was a size small.
Asking for the correct size led to one answer -> Sorry maam,out of stock !!
drat..had to make do without any of those & had to return empty-handed :(

What the hell???has this ever happened to u?

For all gals on my list:
              How do you manage the day when your footwear ditches you early morning,enroute to work ,& your work schedule requires you to flit from one meeting to another?

Just my luck that there are no cobblers around my work place :(


Can Euphoria drive you delirious ??

If no ,Then I am Euphoric :D

If Yes ,Then I am Delirious.

Wish I could spill the details here on LJ.
But I dont wish to not comply with company policy :P


what struck me to combat the MUMBAI RAINS in a plain windcheater !!!
Dad told me to carry an umbrella as well..
Butt aah!! Me ,being me , gallantly refused.

Now am here , in office ,soaked to the marrow...with only 2 other females for company.None of the guys have turned up so far.

Lesson(s) learnt:
 1. Dads are always right.
 2. If u r in Mumbai, Dont bother coming to office on a rainy day.


Anecdote on the train

Enroute  to Bombay , met a French couple.Had just finished my dinner & was using paper soap to wash my hands.They were looking at my hands in amusement.


I asked them what were they finding so amusing.They said they were wondering how by rubbing the paper,I was foaming at the hands (;-))


I showed them the paper soap & asked them if they had something similar in France.

The guy replied in the negative.

I showed them the paper soap strips & said ‘It’s an Indian invention’ ;)

The guy chuckled & said ‘Good invention’

Where art thou,my book?

Forgot my Novel – A Mary Higgins Clark – in the auto on the way to work .

Never before in my reading history ,have I ever forgotten a book ANYWHERE!!!


Drat..talk about the repercussions of being stressed out due to working on weekends  :(